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Mbingo Hospital Equipment
A CT Scanner and related equipment was partially funded in 2017. The next planned addition is a Fibroscan. It is based on ultrasound technology and allows the accurate diagnosis of early cirrhosis when treatment can effectively be instituted. The cost of this machine is around CDN $135,000. This would be the only machine in Cameroon and thus serve a very large number of patients. All of this is part of developing a treatment program for hepatitis B and C as part of the national hepatitis program. In this respect, we are working in collaboration with a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic. This will eventually be a program on the scale of the HIV programs that we run since 10% of the population of Cameroon has chronic infection with the hepatitis B virus and about 3% have hepatitis C. The end result for many of these patients is liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

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