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Peter Caine
Peter Caine – Director, Chair, CEO, Vice-President Web Impact
Phone: 403.286.3917 (H)
EMail: peter.caine@forwecare.org
Peter has over 40 years experience in Financial Systems and related IT activities. For the last 25 years he has been an independent consultant and is currently owner of Rockyview Systems which provides computer consulting, set-up and problem solving, and web services locally and remotely. Peter has been active in several areas in his church. Peter and his wife Ann live in Calgary, Alberta, as do their three children. They have five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Steve Belmore
Steve Belmore – Director, Vice Chair
Phone: 403.254.1212 (H)
EMail: steve.belmore@forwecare.org
Steve has a background as Music and Youth Pastor as well as having been a Senior Pastor. He was the founding director of the Kelowna International Choir which traveled extensively in Northern Europe. Now retired from full time pastoral responsibilities, he and his wife Joy continue to be active in outreach ministries, including teaching, music, and the TVTM evangelism ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. They are strong in their support for evangelical mission work, having served in India for several months as short term missionaries.
In addition to the Gospel ministry he has worked professionally in the field of technology and finance. He also has over twenty-five years experience serving on a number of community and Christian Boards. Steve hopes for your prayer support as the Lord enables him to serve those who are contributing so much to the outreach of For We Care. Steve and Joy live in Calgary, Alberta.
Ron Klettke – Director, Vice-President – Outreach Ministries / Cameroon
Phone: 780.434.7154 (H)
EMail: ron.klettke@forwecare.org
Ron has been part of our Management Team since our inception. His engineering skills and involvement in the construction industry have benefitted many of our projects in Cameroon and Brazil. Ron’s passion for personal outreach guided us in the financial support of Bible School students and Pastoral workers in Cameroon, through our Scholarship and Salary Support Programs. Ron and his wife Martha live in Edmonton, Alberta.
Elsie Kerber
Elsie Kerber - Director, Secretary, Vice-President Donor Relations
Phone: 403.257.9499 (H)
EMail: elsie.kerber@forwecare.org
Elsie is the wife of the late Dr. Walter Kerber, founder of the For We Care Organization. Elsie has gone on 12 mission trips and before each trip gathered hundreds of items to take with her or send with our Care-givers so that gifts could be given out at each project. In recent years wool is being gathered so that ladies can make sweaters, baby blankets and afghans, etc. These finished projects are sent to orphanages in Russia and Romania. This is an ongoing project that gives seniors the encouragement to use their gifts and to keep children warm. Elsie lives in Calgary, Alberta.
Mark Hawkins
Mark Hawkins – Director, Vice-President Outreach Ministries / Kenya
Phone: 403-293-4717
EMail: mark.hawkins@forwecare.org
Mark was saved at age 25 together with his wife Elizabeth. They raised three children and now have 7 grandchildren. They have two small construction related businesses one of which belongs to Jesus (i.e. all profits go to ministries). Mark and Elizabeth attend the Pavilion of Hope Church where they were introduced to the For We Care Outreach Network Society. They became involved with “For We Care” in order to handle the resources from the Jesus business more effectively. They are enjoying their involvement with Kenyan Christians and supporting them as they care for orphans, evangelizing among the Maasai and Kuria peoples, and planting Churches.
Bernie Lemke
Bernard E. Lemke (B.Th.; B.A.; MEDes. (Arch.)) – Director – Project Manager / Cameroon
Phone: 780-987-2024
EMail: bernie.lemke@forwecare.org
Bernard (Bernie) became a Journeyman Carpenter in 1958 and acquired his various academic designations from the North American Baptist College and Seminary, The University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. Bernie served with the North American Baptist Missionary Society in Cameroon from 1966 – 1981 and 1997 – 2001. During 1982 – 1996 Bernie was self-employed as Architect and Project Manager. During 2005 – 2009, Bernie provided 17 months of volunteer services to the Mambilla Baptist Mission, Nigeria. Bernie and his wife Lilly, have three children, and live in Spruce Grove, Alberta.
Wilf Kopp - Vice-President – Outreach Ministries / Brazil
Phone: 780.986.8641
EMail: wilf.kopp@forwecare.org
Wilf went on his first short term mission trip in 1972 to what was at that time, communist Hungary where everything that had to do with preaching or living out belief in Christ was forbidden. He saw how brave the Christians were and not afraid to preach the gospel. It became clear to him that the teaching of Christ to live out our faith without fear is our mandate as followers. Christ reminds us to represent Him with our lives, teaching and taking care of the widows and orphans. This message was made clear as well during that trip. Having seen many parts of the world since then, Wilf has come to realize that the majority of the world’s population barely has a fraction of what we in the western world have grown up with. Giving only a little of what we have, either by a gift of our time and labour or resources will give many in our world a chance for a better life.
He has been involved in short term missions in one way or another ever since that trip to Hungary. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts towards the people of South America, where many have so little. Having seen their heartfelt thanks for helping them get a better home or a chance to a better life made him realize that he has to continue his efforts in helping those in need. He is a strong supporter of living out our Christian faith wherever we are, in our neighbourhood, city or country.
He felt the Lord’s leading to Brazil for the first time in 1999 and has followed it ever since. Wilf and his wife Karen live in Leduc and have owned and operated "The Rental House" since 1989 (www.therentalhouse.com). They have four married children and are proud grandparents to their six grandchildren.
Wolfgang Rochow – Treasurer, CIO, Advisor to the Board and designated Official FWC Representative to all Government Agencies
Phone: 403.271.4512 (H)
EMail: wolfgang.rochow@forwecare.org
Wolfgang started business life as a CGA in public practice in British Columbia. In 1971 he switched to information management and computer software development. He is President of Gestalt Corporation and Mi Group of Companies and has provided information management services to a wide range of client companies in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Wolfgang and his wife Helga have worked together for virtually all of their married life. They live in Calgary, as do their six children and ten grandchildren.

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